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Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the Law Office of Stephen R. Leffler, P.C. has represented those accused of misdemeanors and felonies in Memphis and throughout Western Tennessee since 1985. Our criminal defense practice handles a full range of federal and state criminal charges and civil and criminal appeals. Our personal injury practice has secured multimillion dollar judgments in cases that involve civil rights violations, wrongful death, traumatic injuries and work-related injuries.

Excellent service from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Memphis, TN

Stephen R. Leffler has more than 25 years of experience in civil and criminal court trials. He is supported by full-time litigation consultant Tim Norris, who has more than 17 years of experience in investigation and case management. Thorough investigation allows our office to challenge a broad range of evidence the state would use against our clients, including forensic evidence. Mr. Norris assists in gathering physical and testimonial evidence, interfacing with technical experts and organizing exhibits for trial.

In domestic abuse cases, it is important to have an attorney with criminal court experience. Family law practitioners do not necessarily have the experience in cases involving criminal allegations. We provide that expertise.

Similarly, when selecting a lawyer for a case involving a personal injury, car wreck, slip and fall accident or workers compensation situation, it is important to have an attorney who regularly tries cases in court. Many of the lawyers who advertise on television do not have time to try all the cases they take in. As a result, your case may be settled at a fraction of its true worth. The insurance companies KNOW we will try cases unless they deal fairly with us. That results in a more realistic settlement for you. Because of our reputation in bringing many cases through trial to a successful verdict, we strongly can negotiate to deliver the outcome your case deserves.

Hope for clients facing overwhelming odds

The legal professionals at our criminal defense and personal injury law firm are well versed in all aspects of Tennessee law with significant experience in these practice areas:

The Tennesseans we represent come to us with a variety of legal problems with always one common denominator: they're up against a powerful opponent, and they need a skilled lawyer to level the playing field. Our personal injury clients face big insurance companies determined to deny liability to avoid a huge loss. Our criminal defense clients are up against either the state or federal government, and sometimes both. Despite overwhelming odds, we've been able to deliver positive results for our clients on a consistent basis by delivering excellent legal services.

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The Law Office of Stephen R. Leffler, P.C. is dedicated to representing Tennesseans who face overwhelming odds against insurance companies or government authorities. Call us at 901.527.8830 or contact our Memphis office online to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.