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Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws

Tennessee laws revolving around domestic violence charges can be complex and even convoluted. There are also certain aspects that can elevate the level of charges against you. At the Law Office of Stephen R. Leffler, P.C., we have experienced criminal defense lawyer in Memphis, TN who can help determine which specific classification of domestic violence you should be charged with and how to defend it. Our Memphis domestic violence lawyer has a record of negotiating settlements with the state that our clients find acceptable.

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What Constitutes Domestic Violence in Tennessee?

  • You can be charged with domestic violence if an alleged assault is committed against:
  • Your spouse or former spouse
  • Someone you are related to by blood or marriage
  • Someone who resides with you, such as a roommate
  • A person you are dating or have dated
  • Your child

Charged with Domestic Violence in Tennessee?

There are many specifics involved in a domestic violence charge which can lead to classification as a misdemeanor or felony crime. Ultimately, the charge will stem from an assault. The assault can be considered aggravated assault if a deadly weapon is used or displayed, strangulation, or causing serious bodily occurs. Recklessness can also be involved in the charge, where someone acts without regard for the other party and the other party sustains injuries as a result. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises can be considered bodily injury while broken bones or injuries requiring surgery can be deemed to be serious bodily injuries.

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What is the Sentence for Domestic Assault in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, domestic assault can result in many serious penalties. The penalties can be the same as the underlying assault crime, however loss of firearm rights and a fine to fund violence shelters may also be added as consequences.

The possible penalties for assault under Tennessee domestic violence law include:

  • Class A misdemeanor: a $2,500 fine and/or up to 11 months and 29 days in jail
  • Class B misdemeanor: a $500 fine and/or up to six months in jail
  • Class C felony: a $10,000 fine and 3 to 15 years in prison
  • Class D felony: a $5,000 fine and 2 to 12 years in prison

Can Domestic Assault Charges be Dropped in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, domestic assault charges can not be dropped by alleged victim in a domestic violence case does not have the power to drop the charges. The decision to charge rests with the police, but the responsibility to prosecute is within the sole discretion of the District Attorney's Office. Most prosecutors will not dismiss a charge of domestic assault at arraignment, even if the alleged victim asks for this to be done.

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At the Law Office of Stephen R. Leffler, P.C., our Memphis domestic violence attorney is able to provide our clients with an opportunity to explain the situation while we carefully listen. We also have a staff investigator who can be used to further investigate the situation and gather more information which can be helpful. Through our ability to gather information, we have provided clients with legal representation that has been helpful. Our firm can advise you on your legal options following a domestic violence charge.

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